The Popular Foods of Vijayawada that You can Feast On 

If you are planning to visit Andhra Pradesh, you are in for a treat as the state of Andhra Pradesh boasts of an ambient atmosphere and cultural heritage. There are a lot of things that you can admire about the place. It is not only about the natural or man-made attractions even the street food in this part of the world. Vijayawada is one of the popular cities of Andhra Pradesh, which is known for its cuisine. Online food order in Vijayawada and you can feast on the unique delights of this place. 

Bongu chicken 

It is also referred to as Bamboo chicken. Mainly this dish is available in the Araku valley which happens to be one of the most frequently visited hill stations of Andhra Pradesh. The dish is made where you marinating the chicken first and then stuffing it into a hollow bamboo stick. Without using any oil or spice the dish is prepared in less than 15 minutes. The dish is going to cost you very less and when you Online food order in Vijayawada it is given as a complimentary dish. 

Egg Bonda 

The dish is known as egg burji or egg bonda, it is prepared with boiled eggs that are dipped in gram flour batter. This happens to be a quick snack that is prepared with local spices along with red and green chillies. Even the dish can be enjoyed with sprinkled coriander, freshly chopped onions or lemon juice. You can serve it with the tangy chutney that is a delight.  

Liver Kebab 

If you love non-veg food this is a dish that you cannot afford to miss. This is a delight that you can feast on when you are in Vizag. Though it is a street food it can satisfy all your hunger pranks. These delicious kebabs are often served with roti or parotta along with lemon soda. MVP circle and Vizag complex are a couple of great places to try this dish along with a host of other non-veg foods. 


The best part is that it works out to be one of the best street foods in Andhra Pradesh. Made with idli or dosa batter it is one of the filling dishes that you can order at the place. To enjoy this dish, you can serve it with various chutneys, like tomato chutney, coconut chutney, etc. this is a deep-fried snack that is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. When you decide to order food from outside, you can try this dish.  


If all the taste buds are craving some munchy snacks then this has to be your obvious choice. It is made from rice flour batter, moong dal, red chilli powder, cumin seeds and sesame seeds this is a famous street food of Andhra Pradesh that can be found all over the stage. If you want to try Online food order services in Vijayawada, do not miss out on the dish. 


It is one of the famous delights of Andhra cuisine is deep-fried small balls. They are prepared from jaggery, dry fruits, gram flour, chana dal along with cardamom. If you are a sweet freak then this dish would surely appeal to you with its authentic taste. A point to consider is that this dish is prepared mainly during festivals or the holiday season. 

Tomato Bhajji 

Among all the street foods in this part of the world, this is one that is only available near beachside locations. This is a simple mouth-watering dish that is prepared where you coat tomatoes with gram flour and then go on to deep fry them. One of the unique attractions is the puffed rice that is part of the tomatoes. When you serve it with crunchy chutney this does work out to be one of the mouth-watering dishes in Vijayawada. 

To sum up, things these are some of the mouth-watering dishes of Andhra Pradesh that you can feast. upon. The moment you decide to try online delivery of food in Vijayawada, you can try Swiggy and order mouth-watering dishes to satisfy your taste buds.

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