Popular Goan Dishes that You can Munch On

Goa is a popular tourist destination for all of us. It has got the sun, beach and sand, perhaps the most important is Goan food. For all the taste freaks out there, the local cuisine of Goa is something of a delight that you cannot avoid. You can opt for order online food delivery in Goa or can prepare them in your home. The food of the region is one of the main reasons why tourists flock to the city. It has got personality; it is spunky and perhaps addictive. 

Often, you will come across Goans swapping their regular bowl of steamed rice with warm and soft bread. Fish, spices, and coconut have dominated Goan food for centuries and only in the last few years have innovative ingredients like vinegar and Fenni emerged. Below are some of the food items that you can set up in your kitchen with relative ease. 

Goan fish curry 

No Goan food is complete without the mention of authentic Goan fish curry. It is one of the must-try dishes when you are in Goa. 

Goan Prawn curry 

Much your way to juicy prawns cooked in coconut milk and allow the magic of Goan food to take over you. Online food delivery in Goa ensures that you get to taste the food from the unique collection of restaurants and you can order from one of your choices. 

Fish Recheado 

Recheado in the Portuguese language means stuffed. In simple terms, it is pomfret infused with a tangy recheado paste that you fry till it is golden and crisp brown. 


This happens to be a Goan dessert that is layered to perfection. The ingredients of this dish are jaggery, coconut, milk eggs, butter and perhaps the most important is jaggery. The traditional version of the dish has 7 to 16 layers but you can have as much as you want based on your desires. Every bite of the cake that you take makes the next one interesting. 

Pork Vindaloo 

A sensational and memorable Goan dish on all counts. Ginger, garlic, and cumin make the luscious red masala that is mixed with vinegar-laced pork cooked in red flaky gravy till it is tender and soft. 

Rava fried fish 

Anyone who has been to Goan or has tried Goan food would have heard of this dish. The fish fillets are filled with garlic, ginger and red chillies fried to perfection and then ground with aromatic coriander. 

Chicken Xacuti 

The Xacuti is back and it is all for those spicy-infused chickens. One of the great chicken dishes to have at a dinner party can be served with hot rice or a loaf of bread. 

Chicken Cafreal 

The dish originated in a Portuguese colony and hence the name of this dish. The marination of the chicken takes place which gives it a spicy taste cooked till the chicken goes on to become tender. It is mainly cooked in vinegar. 

Goan Chicken Rava fry 

This is a quick chicken dish that can be prepared in your home in no time. The ingredients required for the same are minimum and if you are cooking for a perfect starter no better option than this one. Or you can skip cooking and rather, use the service of online food delivery in Goa to order this dish.  

Chicken cutlet Pao 

It is a juicy piece of meat or chicken in combination with Rava fried bread that turns out to be heaven in a bun. They can be served best with freshly grated vegetables or hot sauce which makes it a perfect dish to feast upon during the evening time. 


They are also referred to as Goan cookies. Cookies that have the crunch of cashews, and semolina with coconut toppings are hard to resist. To accompany your hot cup of tea they turn out to be a perfect evening snack. 

Goan Nervi 

It goes by the name of Karanji. They are sweet bowls of flour that are stuffed with coconut, cardamom, sugar, and almonds. It is one if the famous sweet dishes of Goa and is mainly prepared during the time of the festive seasons. You must use the services of online food delivery in Goa, to order this dish.  

Now that you have the list of the delicious food of Goa, time to visit Swiggy and place your order of the tastiest dishes of Goa.  


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