3 Secret Tips For Working Professionals To Save Time & Be Productive 

The life of working professionals isn't as magical as they say. They must juggle their responsibilities, health, and personal life while ensuring they earn enough money to maintain the right balance. If you are a working professional, you understand how draining it is to focus on your work while staying fit and energetic throughout the day. It would be a herculean task to give most of your time to your work and yet remain happy and fulfilled in your personal life. The struggle to manage your time can lead to burnout; after all, we all get 24 hours in a day.  

Managing your time as a working professional isn't easy. You must make sure you allot sufficient time to each part of your life, whether it's your career, health, hobbies or relationships. Thankfully, there are ways to effectively manage and save time by making minor changes in your routine. You can set up a task priority list or order food online to save time from food preparations; the simplest things can go a long way. To help you effectively manage your time, here are three tips for working professionals to save time at work.

1. Kill the Frog 

Before you ask what a frog did to get killed, know that it's a popular method to manage your time and be more productive. Killing the frog means doing the most challenging and important task first thing in the morning. The frog is the most crucial task you often push ahead and procrastinate. This task usually stays pending at the end of the day and leads to stress and anxiety. To avoid that from happening, many productivity experts recommend finishing the most important and most complicated task in your day first. Once you finish that, you feel less stressed and have more time to do your other tasks. It's a method used by many successful people to effectively manage their time while working and stay productive throughout the day. 

2. Order your lunch online

As a working professional in India, you already have a lot on your plate. You wake up early, get ready and rush to the office in a hurry; you do not get enough time to have breakfast and forget about carrying your lunch to the office. Even though you manage to prepare your lunch in the morning, you will have to do the preparations the previous night. If you have cooked food before (not talking about maggie or omelette!), you know it takes a lot of time-something you don't have enough of. You can't spend hours preparing your lunch and miss important morning meetings. Thankfully there is a way to save you from all that hassle.  

To make the best of your lunchtime and save time, you should order food online for your lunch. That way you will get fresh, hot food, something you deserve for working so hard every day. You can order early, so the food reaches you by the time of your lunch break.  

Another great thing about ordering your food online is that you don't have to walk out and go to the restaurant to eat. You save plenty of time there. Plus you can order different dishes every day, so you don't get bored eating the same food every day. You can't eat bread and omelette for lunch every day even if you make the best omelette in the world. Many companies also offer discount coupons to their employees. You can redeem these discount coupons on your food orders. That way you save a plenty of time, and money and get to savour delicious food from your favourite restaurant.

3. Organise your desk 

Organising your desk is one of the most underrated tricks to be more productive and save time. A cluttered desk can affect your work and creativity as well. When your disk is piled with documents, papers, electronics and other stuff, you can't think straight and forget about working productively. You will waste plenty of time finding a specific document, pens or even a stapler.  

Organising your desk into sections can help you get a better understanding and control over your stuff. You can easily find things as you know where you have kept them. It will also help you be more productive as you don't get frustrated by looking at the clutter. You can use desk organizers to organise your files, a pen stand to keep all your pens, pencils and markers, cable organizers to keep all your electronic cables tidy. These simple things can significantly impact your productivity and save a lot of your time.  

Being a working professional in this modern era requires a lot of hard work and patience. The hectic work schedule, lack of personal time and project deadlines can quickly exhaust you. Thankfully these tips can help save some time, be more productive and savour your favourite food every day without compromising your taste buds.


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