3 Incredible Tips To Make Your Agra Trip Memorable 

Whenever someone mentions the name Agra, one thing that automatically pops into your head is the Taj Mahal. Being one of the initial seven wonders of the world, the Taj Mahal has put Agra on a global map. Millions of travellers and tourists visit Agra to witness the beauty of the white marble masterpiece grandly situated on the banks of the Yamuna river. If you plan a trip to Agra, there are plenty of things you can see and experience. 

Agra is a proud home to some of the most well-preserved historical monuments, which are in the best shape. Seeing these monuments will take you back to the glorious history of Agra. Whether you plan to visit Agra alone, with a partner or group, the city has many things to offer everyone. The food in Agra will be a blessing for your taste buds and let you experience the true opulence of the city through its regional flavours. So if you are tired after a long day of visiting all the monuments and tourist places, you can order these authentic local cuisines through a food delivery in Agra. When you travel to a new place, you want to have a lot of experiences and memories and to make that happen, here are three incredible tips to make your Agra trip memorable.  

1. Plan your trip in advance 

Though you might get tempted to go YOLO with travel plans, unplanned trips don't always turn out to be like you think. You might not get the preferred hotel accommodation you want or don't get to visit all the places you added to your Agra bucket list. Therefore it's essential to plan your trip before your journey. Now that you are spending your money on the trip, you should be able to visit most of the places, taste different cuisines and have a different experience that will make your trip worth remembering. 

You need to take care of many things when planning a trip. Right from the flight or train booking to looking for local transport for sightseeing. You might want to book your flights early to avoid overspending on the tickets. Plus, you also need to book your accommodations in the city. If you are travelling with family, booking a family-friendly hotel is the best way. If you plan to go on a solo trip, you can stay at backpackers' hostels to make the best of your trip. Many travellers prefer to stay at these hostels as there are a lot of like-minded people who are there to explore the city. You can socialise with them, plan activities together and make new friends. Staying at a backpackers hostel would be a life-changing experience for you if you haven't travelled alone before.  

2. Taste the local cuisines 

One of the best ways to experience a culture is to taste the local food. The food in Agra is the embodiment of its rich history and heritage. The food culture in Agra is very vibrant and has the influence of Mughalai and north Indian flavours. You will get to relish countless Mughlai dishes that will bring you an avalanche of flavour you never tasted before. Some popular cuisines in Agra are Petha, Bedai and Jalebi, Dalmoth, kebabs and numerous mutton and chicken dishes. Countless restaurants, food joints and cafes in Agra offer these cuisines the best local flavours. Another great thing about cuisines is that you can order them online and savour them in the comfort of your hotel room. So if you are too tired after roaming around the city the entire day, you can get food delivery in Agra and enjoy the taste of Agra.  

3. Go with guided tours. 

As mentioned earlier, there are countless tourist spots in Agra. Apart from the obvious Taj Mahal, there are Agra fort, Fatehpur Sikri, Mehtab Bagh, Jama Masjid, Akbar's Tomb, Jahangir Mahal, Anguri Bagh, Dolphin water park and many more. Even though you intricately plan your itinerary, visiting all the spots in a limited time can be difficult. If you don't have a private vehicle, you will need to use public transport wherever you go and might have to change several buses to reach a destination. In that case, you can join the guided tours that will take you to various popular tourist spots in Agra. They have their transport like buses so you can comfortably visit every location and spend enough time there to explore it. Hey also have guides to tell you more about each spot you visit. That way, you can make the best of your trip and avoid all the hassle by joining a guided tour in Agra. 

Exploring Agra has never been so easy, especially when you can use the internet to book your flights, find directions, review a place or order food online and get 24 Hours food delivery in Agra. These tips will make your Agra trip memorable and make every penny you spend worth it.  


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